Some might have seen IN THE GREEN and the INFINITE CUBE in a former LEA grant. Today is a day where we go along this path and invite you to …

The code of Wu
by Venus Adored

with support of Art Blue, Juliette Surreal-D, Hyde Hackl and Art Eames

Join at LEA1 on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 1:00 PM PDT an epic ride from reality: The temple of the nomads – to virtuality: The cube of the aliens.

In a short play you will meet Peter Seibt, a painter living in Greece, author of the New Nomads, founder of the International Paros Art Circle, a master in Kyūdō (Japanese martial art of archery). In 2015 Peter started GIVE & HOPE where everyone could apply for a painting to share with another person around the globe. ->

Watch a small selection out of 1000s of paintings Peter created in his atelier in the installation The temple of the nomads.

From this reality level it will be a short travel to virtuality. Why is it short?

Because Art Blue managed to tame an alien who has the superpowers. When Art Blue first saw the world the alien created he said, “This must be seen before the LEA grant of Louis Wu Cyberklon ends.” Louis is known for his work on reflecting surfaces, same as Mandel is. Many have stepped in to use reflecting surfaces — but this way, the alien way, is a must to see. Venus Adored worked with Louis, she is the alien — “taken by Aliens” was for some time her display name and really it is a fitting one.

You will watch two displays by sitting on moving chairs at LEA1: first the museum of the nomads with paintings by Peter Seibt and second you will be transferred to the alien world where Venus has worked out a particle performance, to welcome you.

Juliette Surreal-D will read the story on stream in voice Art Blue has created around the trip, which is called in honour of the work of Louis, “The Code of Wu.” This title is also a chapter in the book The Brain of Art where an installation of Louis is commented.
Art Eames has coded the chairs to move the audience. Hyde Hackl contributed the communication disc to signal to the alien world.

Please be right in time to get seated. The show starts at 1:05 PM PDT. The event will take in total of 55 minutes.

There will be a book published by Art Blue to celebrate the upcoming 85th birthday of Peter Seibt. Luxury and formal dressing appreciated


The Surreal Art Gallery was celebrating its 2nd year anniversary with an exhibition by Norton Lykin: SHADOW


– but it started all different as you see:

Juliette (J): Your laudation may being Art. I noticed you are in a funny mood today and we are all curious on your words. Art, please. You surely can bring us to the depth of Norton’s work. But you have only ten minutes. It needs to be a fast run. Sorry, but the schedule is tight. Very tight today …


Art: /me looks around, “I see that this exhibition is the one that was formerly called NAKED. The laudation I prepared is based on it. Shall I rewrite it to SHADOW as the poster now says?

J: Yes, please do so. I have no saying when the artist does such a change.

Art: I see and who pays me now? For NAKED you paid me 5K and you said I left you naked. I am sorry, to make Shadow of NAKED might not go under 3K, discounts already applied.

J: Gosh, 3K. I have only 1,239 Linden.
J: /me looks to Norton and as he doesn’t open his wallet: “Art better to stay on Naked as the art here is the still the same and a laudation is based on the works, isn’t it?”

Art: That’s fine with me, so I welcome you all today to NAKED by Norton Lykin and for the press I add and I look at Juliette – free of charge – in THE SHADOW.

Art: /me opens his pre-made notes ….
Art: This might be my last laudation on Norton Lykin. ((As I said title is NAKED.))

J: Oh why?

Art: Why? I am still dressed and the dress code is NAKED.

J: But I am also fully dressed. And Norton also …

Art: Hm, Norton promised me different in the rehearsal of NAKED.
Art: I was doing my naked performance and he promised.

J: What you did?

Art: I have to serve. All for the best of the gallery and as you accepted this title … I thought …

J: I never heard of this before, let me check my logs …

Art: I wait, maybe I got it wrong.
Art: Maybe Norton tricked me to see me naked.

J: I found it. It just the title, no NAKED, just the title. But you know the title was changed to SHADOW.

Art: 3K are due, you may pay by instalments. We all know in art the only thing that counts is the title, that the title gets meaning.

J: You mean in the tsunami of data to discover meaning as this is the motto in the Sand Bible?

Art: Yes, in Not Sand, Not Sound it is all about meaning and Norton has meaning.
Art: Look: in his first installation IN THE GREEN it was as all green, then ILLUSIONS where nothing real really was there, then it got ALL FRAGMENTED

J: You mean the last exhibit FRAGMENTED VISIONS?

Art: Yes, all fragmented, so real fragmented, and now the top of the top of reality: NAKED

J: I see, I am willing to cooperate if Norton gives the lead. Let’s stay on NAKED

Art: No, No, you shall be the last, you are the owner of the gallery. First Norton, then I, then the guests and finally you.

J: Norton sends me an IM: First Art, Art shall get NAKED. He will stay in the SHADOW

Art: I? Always I! Darn, but I would not have my name Art BLUE, so I go BLUE, NAKED BLUE

J: /me laughs. Ghosted Blue! Full naked, more naked does not go … Now it is all on Norton to decide Naked or Blue.
J: sorry SHADOW I mean.
J: /me looks at Norton and the timer
J: /me gosh the time for the introduction is over and so the only one naked will have to stay is Art.
J: Enjoy the exhibit SHADOW and I add – free of charge and pokes tongue out to Art – for you Art, you may stay IN THE NUDE.

Art: I am honored. IN THE NUDE was the main performance of …
Art: /me looks around: Of whom?

J: Hundertwasser.
J: Norton, your turn. Norton surely will tell us more about his visions.

J: Let’s thank Art for his substantial contribution today and allow him to dress again, shall we?


JadeYu Fhang was invited to fill the Surreal Tower of Art with her new installation she called SURPRISE

And it was a big one! It could not be much bigger. The SIM was full, 40 people attended the Grand Opening.


Here is a part of the chatlog. Art Blue found some short words about JadeYu Fhang [ marked in bold so you find the laudation easily ]:

[2017/11/11 12:56] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): Today Surreal Gallery is honored to present JadeYu Fhang’s new installation and Morli… at this time Art Blue has something to say and then we turn it over to Morlita

[JadeYu and Morli dancing at the exhibiton. Click on the picture to get it in high res]

[2017/11/11 12:56] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): Art Blue all you
[2017/11/11 12:56] Iono Allen: Hello Aneli 🙂
[2017/11/11 12:56] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): welcome Glasz
[2017/11/11 12:57] Second Life: Now playing: God is in the Rain by Suicide Commando
[2017/11/11 12:57] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): welcome Bella
[2017/11/11 12:57] Bellavista Eisman: Hello Chim, I just to come from your place
[2017/11/11 12:57] Morlĭ (morlita.quan): ♡
[2017/11/11 12:57] Morlĭ (morlita.quan): Bella, Glasz
[2017/11/11 12:57] Trish (trishatar): hiya glasz
[2017/11/11 12:57] ChimKami: aaah coucou
[2017/11/11 12:57] ChimKami: Hella Bella
[2017/11/11 12:57] Aneli Abeyante: hi Art Blue
[2017/11/11 12:57] ChimKami: aaah cool
[2017/11/11 12:57] Bellavista Eisman: Morli holis
[2017/11/11 12:57] Bellavista Eisman: very very niceeee
[2017/11/11 12:57] lunavonrandolf Portilo (lunavonrandolf.kenin): Bõa nOite Wan:)
[2017/11/11 12:57] ChimKami: Merci it’s nice
[2017/11/11 12:57] Glasz (glasz.decuir): Hello Morli, Jade and co. 🙂
[2017/11/11 12:57] Wan (wan.laryukov): Boa noite
[2017/11/11 12:57] Kueperpunk Korhonen: is offline.
[2017/11/11 12:58] ChimKami: Hello Wan and Glasz
[2017/11/11 12:58] – ̗̀ Fée ̖́- (mychka): glasz 😀
[2017/11/11 12:58] Wan (wan.laryukov): Hello
[2017/11/11 12:58] lunavonrandolf Portilo (lunavonrandolf.kenin): Glasz Hey;)
[2017/11/11 12:58] ℑค๔єץย (jadeyu.fhang): hellooo people i’m happy to see you there
[2017/11/11 12:59] ℑค๔єץย (jadeyu.fhang): & thanks to Juliette to let me do an exibit at Surreal Gallery
[2017/11/11 12:59] ChimKami: Oui
[2017/11/11 12:59] ChimKami: thank you Juliette
[2017/11/11 12:59] Glasz (glasz.decuir): hello Fée
[2017/11/11 12:59] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): an honor Jadeyu!!!!
[2017/11/11 12:59] ℑค๔єץย (jadeyu.fhang): ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
[2017/11/11 12:59] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): thank you all for coming here today…. this is part of the 2 year anniversary celebration
[2017/11/11 12:59] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): at this time please welcome Art Blue to speak….

[2017/11/11 13:00] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): welcome Cica … welcome Lee
[2017/11/11 13:00] Second Life: Now playing: God is in the Rain by Suicide Commando
[2017/11/11 13:00] Cica Ghost: hi °͜°
[2017/11/11 13:00] Morlĭ (morlita.quan): Cicaaa hugs
[2017/11/11 13:00] ℑค๔єץย (jadeyu.fhang): hello Cica thanks for come
[2017/11/11 13:00] Lee1 Olsen: TY Juliette
[2017/11/11 13:00] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): welcome Trish
[2017/11/11 13:00] Art Blue: Hello everyone ….

[2017/11/11 13:00] Cica Ghost: Morli °͜°
[2017/11/11 13:00] ℑค๔єץย (jadeyu.fhang): hello Lee
[2017/11/11 13:00] Trish (trishatar): cica hey
[2017/11/11 13:01] ℑค๔єץย (jadeyu.fhang): ehh Glasz :)))
[2017/11/11 13:01] Art Blue: Thank you Juliette. Morli plays now ….
[2017/11/11 13:01] Glasz (glasz.decuir): aloha Jadeyu!!!
[2017/11/11 13:01] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): please welcome Morlita!!!!
[2017/11/11 13:01] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): Please TOGGLE everyone
[2017/11/11 13:01] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): STREAM IS IN
[2017/11/11 13:01] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █
[2017/11/11 13:01] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): Min- – – – – – – – – – – -●Max
[2017/11/11 13:02] Art Blue: I happy that JadeYu Fhang shows us today “an airy” composition.

[2017/11/11 13:02] ℑค๔єץย (jadeyu.fhang): ✪`*•.✰ YAYY ✰.•*´✪
[2017/11/11 13:02] – ̗̀ Fée ̖́- (mychka): sound 5/5
[2017/11/11 13:02] ℑค๔єץย (jadeyu.fhang): have fun !!!!!
[2017/11/11 13:02] – ̗̀ Fée ̖́- (mychka): merci !!
[2017/11/11 13:02] ℑค๔єץย (jadeyu.fhang): sound ok ma sissyyy
[2017/11/11 13:02] Iono Allen: 🙂
[2017/11/11 13:02] Morlĭ (morlita.quan): lets goo
[2017/11/11 13:02] Morlĭ (morlita.quan): ionoooooooooooo
[2017/11/11 13:02] Art Blue: The Surreal Tower is made for it, for “height and air”.
[2017/11/11 13:02] Art Blue: Shurely it is not just air you see. You will see her roots, you always see in her work her roots.
[2017/11/11 13:03] Iono Allen: Morli :):))))

[2017/11/11 13:03] Art Blue: JadeYu came in the 60s as a refugee from Algeria to France where she is working now reflecting the world around as well as looking back at her roots by creating art installations.
[2017/11/11 13:03] ℑค๔єץย (jadeyu.fhang): ohhhh
[2017/11/11 13:03] Art Blue: I curated her installation Root & War in 2013 / 2014 in opengrid (Metropolis) where it is still able to be seen. I work still in art conservation. To look forward and backward in time is a key aspect in art.
[2017/11/11 13:03] Art Blue: Now look forward JadeYu welcome this installation … we have to find a name for it. Do you have one JadeYu?
[2017/11/11 13:04] Art Blue: /me gives word to JadeYu

[2017/11/11 13:04] ℑค๔єץย (jadeyu.fhang): ya it is “Rejection”
[2017/11/11 13:04] SaveMe Oh: Rejection, interesting
[2017/11/11 13:04] Art Blue: yeahhh Rejection … now we know
[2017/11/11 13:04] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): welcome Daddio… welcome SaveMe Oh…. welcome Dove!
[2017/11/11 13:04] ℑค๔єץย (jadeyu.fhang): hello save
[2017/11/11 13:04] Daddio Dow: thanks 🙂
[2017/11/11 13:04] Iono Allen: Hey Save 😉
[2017/11/11 13:04] Art Blue: enjoy and thank you JadeYu and Juliette as well as Morli
[2017/11/11 13:04] Iono Allen: Daddio 😉
[2017/11/11 13:04] ℑค๔єץย (jadeyu.fhang): dove :)))
[2017/11/11 13:05] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): thank you Art Blue
[2017/11/11 13:05] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): welcome Obi1
[2017/11/11 13:05] ℑค๔єץย (jadeyu.fhang): thank you Art for your words :))



An Art Talk about SNOW CRASH, The Gods of Informatics, both spanning in time over 50 years. We will get a pizza by FROZENMETA, the fastest pizza delivery in the Metaverse. Frozen by VJQUANTUM.


2037: The Gods of Informatics

How are both books connected? How the stories inside mix to a picture of reality?

One point will be THE HAIR … yes THE HAIR


Melodie Chanteuse aka MelodieKraai Resident presents in the Surreal Art Gallery at Sim Claressa  “Mermaid Musings”, opening on Thursday, August 11, 1 PM SLT in the Blue Room.

Melodie-Poster- 2

As I arrived I saw Melodie playing the Harp and I took a photo 🙂


Maybe she will sing for us? She told me, she will – if all her pictures are sold — and she spread her wings and pat my head so I had to buy one *lol


Robin Banksy arrived today. He bought a picture, he said. I will search to get proof in the news …


TREACLE DARLANDES: The Birdcage exhibit, July 17, 1 PM SLT


Treacle’s art is mysterious and deeply rich with color and movement. Each piece is a journey into a surreal landscape of her heart and soul; a gateway through which each of us might journey along with her and catch a glimpse of a fertile imagination, expressive of a beautiful quality of life.

When I – Juliette aka  JulietteSurrealdreaming Resident – asked her to describe her artistic vision to me, how she feels about her art as a creative, here is her response… read-on, I know her response will draw you to come experience her show!

I come to Second Life to relax from the pressures or RL and love the visual stimulants.

I love to meet people, and find out about people both in my own country (UK) and from around the world.

The wonderful visual effects of SL allow me to create my SL art. Colour, texture and shape. Of those who have viewed my sculptures and fractals – everyone likes something different. Please send me an IM and let me know which is your favourite or if you like a sculpture and you would like it in a different colour perhaps. There are variations on each theme on show at my gallery.

Importantly…many of my sculptures look completely different in daylight as to how they look in midnight, or sunset. Try it and see. :))

I hope you will be kind enough to take a little time and visit my ‘Walk of Art’ too.

Teleporting to both the gallery and the walk are available via my profile:


I wish you a happy Second Life and a wonderful Other Life…wherever that may be.