The Cleft


How can you split time? How can you be at two places at the same time? In my short stories being published monthly  in rezmagazine I work out solutions I find in art using technology by looking into the future and adding ancient knowledge from the past. But right here and now I shall invite you to two places at the same time. How to connect music by Paris Obscur and fractal worlds by Gem Preiz happening both at the same time in a virtual world called Second Life?


Neal Stephenson shall it be with Seveneves. Why is it so?

Yesterday I was standing for the first time in front  of the fractals – or better “inside” them as we are in an immersive world where you walk as an Avatar and feel the Presence as described in the 80s by James Morrow. He wrote in 1981: “Sozyo made 4-D equipment. The image had height, width, depth and a fourth D that eluded precise definition. It was called Presence. Somehow, you felt that the subject was there in the room with you. You could seemingly walk up to it, savor its fragrance, finger its texture, rub a few eons’ grime off its contours.”

cnn_02_go_gem_03_1920x1080As I saw the work “Iron Fortress” I felt the way it must have been as the survivors of the spaceship Endurance landed on Cleft – the home of the future of mankind. In Seveneves the moon burst into pieces and a part of it is Cleft. But another part is the information that mankind could save all life data needed on USB-sticks. The art you see is digital but so real that I said to Gem Preiz, he shall offer a break, to create a café in the middle of the pathways as it is too heavy to digest what he created. I saw Cleft. I saw Seveneves in Gem Preiz new installment.


Too heavy is also Paris Obsur when you never have heard him singing you feel Presence. He will perform on Thursday, 7th for the first time this year at 1.00 PM Second Life time, which is Los Angeles, Pacific Day Time at the Obscur Hall & Surreal Gallery which is curated by Juliette Surrealdreaming aka Viviane McFarland. It might be not so heavy you think, but it is. Listen to the song he uploaded at YouTube for the Victims of the attack on Paris on called Paris, le 13 novembre 2015 – Paris Obscur [hommage aux victimes]. Be prepared to meet “The Ghost” at about 1.30 PM PDT! The Ghost who is in fact an AI created by the biggest supercomputer on earth, an OMNIVAC-5000. You will see him in a cloud of particles standing on a diamond in Ultimate Blue. Listen to him for about four minutes then he will deintegrate.


So The Cleft happens on two places. I will be first at the Concert at SIM Claressa and then head to installment “Vestiges”, which is the 1st part of the installation titled “Heritage”. You find it at LEA26 – a SIM grant given by Linden Endowment for the Arts to Gem Preiz from Paris.


Ask Juliette (SurrealDreaming Resident) for a tp to land on top of the Surreal Tower to start your journey with Paris Obsur on Thursday, January 7th, 1.00 PM PDT which is 22.00 Paris time.


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