TREACLE DARLANDES: The Birdcage exhibit, July 17, 1 PM SLT


Treacle’s art is mysterious and deeply rich with color and movement. Each piece is a journey into a surreal landscape of her heart and soul; a gateway through which each of us might journey along with her and catch a glimpse of a fertile imagination, expressive of a beautiful quality of life.

When I – Juliette aka  JulietteSurrealdreaming Resident – asked her to describe her artistic vision to me, how she feels about her art as a creative, here is her response… read-on, I know her response will draw you to come experience her show!

I come to Second Life to relax from the pressures or RL and love the visual stimulants.

I love to meet people, and find out about people both in my own country (UK) and from around the world.

The wonderful visual effects of SL allow me to create my SL art. Colour, texture and shape. Of those who have viewed my sculptures and fractals – everyone likes something different. Please send me an IM and let me know which is your favourite or if you like a sculpture and you would like it in a different colour perhaps. There are variations on each theme on show at my gallery.

Importantly…many of my sculptures look completely different in daylight as to how they look in midnight, or sunset. Try it and see. :))

I hope you will be kind enough to take a little time and visit my ‘Walk of Art’ too.

Teleporting to both the gallery and the walk are available via my profile:


I wish you a happy Second Life and a wonderful Other Life…wherever that may be.

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