The Surreal Art Gallery was celebrating its 2nd year anniversary with an exhibition by Norton Lykin: SHADOW


– but it started all different as you see:

Juliette (J): Your laudation may being Art. I noticed you are in a funny mood today and we are all curious on your words. Art, please. You surely can bring us to the depth of Norton’s work. But you have only ten minutes. It needs to be a fast run. Sorry, but the schedule is tight. Very tight today …


Art: /me looks around, “I see that this exhibition is the one that was formerly called NAKED. The laudation I prepared is based on it. Shall I rewrite it to SHADOW as the poster now says?

J: Yes, please do so. I have no saying when the artist does such a change.

Art: I see and who pays me now? For NAKED you paid me 5K and you said I left you naked. I am sorry, to make Shadow of NAKED might not go under 3K, discounts already applied.

J: Gosh, 3K. I have only 1,239 Linden.
J: /me looks to Norton and as he doesn’t open his wallet: “Art better to stay on Naked as the art here is the still the same and a laudation is based on the works, isn’t it?”

Art: That’s fine with me, so I welcome you all today to NAKED by Norton Lykin and for the press I add and I look at Juliette – free of charge – in THE SHADOW.

Art: /me opens his pre-made notes ….
Art: This might be my last laudation on Norton Lykin. ((As I said title is NAKED.))

J: Oh why?

Art: Why? I am still dressed and the dress code is NAKED.

J: But I am also fully dressed. And Norton also …

Art: Hm, Norton promised me different in the rehearsal of NAKED.
Art: I was doing my naked performance and he promised.

J: What you did?

Art: I have to serve. All for the best of the gallery and as you accepted this title … I thought …

J: I never heard of this before, let me check my logs …

Art: I wait, maybe I got it wrong.
Art: Maybe Norton tricked me to see me naked.

J: I found it. It just the title, no NAKED, just the title. But you know the title was changed to SHADOW.

Art: 3K are due, you may pay by instalments. We all know in art the only thing that counts is the title, that the title gets meaning.

J: You mean in the tsunami of data to discover meaning as this is the motto in the Sand Bible?

Art: Yes, in Not Sand, Not Sound it is all about meaning and Norton has meaning.
Art: Look: in his first installation IN THE GREEN it was as all green, then ILLUSIONS where nothing real really was there, then it got ALL FRAGMENTED

J: You mean the last exhibit FRAGMENTED VISIONS?

Art: Yes, all fragmented, so real fragmented, and now the top of the top of reality: NAKED

J: I see, I am willing to cooperate if Norton gives the lead. Let’s stay on NAKED

Art: No, No, you shall be the last, you are the owner of the gallery. First Norton, then I, then the guests and finally you.

J: Norton sends me an IM: First Art, Art shall get NAKED. He will stay in the SHADOW

Art: I? Always I! Darn, but I would not have my name Art BLUE, so I go BLUE, NAKED BLUE

J: /me laughs. Ghosted Blue! Full naked, more naked does not go … Now it is all on Norton to decide Naked or Blue.
J: sorry SHADOW I mean.
J: /me looks at Norton and the timer
J: /me gosh the time for the introduction is over and so the only one naked will have to stay is Art.
J: Enjoy the exhibit SHADOW and I add – free of charge and pokes tongue out to Art – for you Art, you may stay IN THE NUDE.

Art: I am honored. IN THE NUDE was the main performance of …
Art: /me looks around: Of whom?

J: Hundertwasser.
J: Norton, your turn. Norton surely will tell us more about his visions.

J: Let’s thank Art for his substantial contribution today and allow him to dress again, shall we?

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