The Surreal Tower got its design in 2016 at a LEA (Linden Endowments for the Arts) core grant and moved then to sim Claressa (in SL) and to the Open Metaverse in Metropolis, Francogrid and other grids.


Participants of the LEA8 core grant SURREAL TOWER (2016-01-01 to 2016-31-03):

Mikati Slade
Mikati Slade is an artist from japan. Known for her 8-bit creations and vibrant colors even when it comes to dark topics like the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011.

Here comes a Metaharpers CAM flight into Mikati´s Surreal Tower:

Mikati’s work is very upbringing to the Pixel and Candyfloss style. Example: SL12B The Cake Stage seen by Ziki Questi. More about her work can be found on http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikati/ and http://mikatislade.blogspot.com

Moewe Winkler
Moewe Winkler is a German artist with an interest for art, painting and poetry and when it comes to SL its more abstract but also futuristic. Something you don’t see everyday. Her work “the talking fish” stands in the tradition of Dada and of poems by Kurt Schwitters. More about Moewe can be found on: http://www.moewenglanz.de
Moewe took part in the Moonzrezzer conservation. One of her fish counting aloud 0 and 1 can be seen in a moon exploding at WizardOz Chrome machinima https://youtu.be/wtA-hbzOh1Q at track 4.30 – 4.40.

Here comes a teaser for Moewe´s Surreal Tower:


Instincta van Helsinki
Instincta or for short “Ink” is from Finland. Stem van Helsinki is partner to Ink. From their work I would say its about nature and history but it focuses on contemporary art. In one word. Calm or relaxing.

More art of SL or photography in RL can be found on her Facebook.

Art Oluja (Artistik Oluja)
“The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know.” I guess always ready to learn something new. Creative in SL and RL making recycled sock monkeys and ragdolls. Rustic style of art and photograph can be found on: https://www.flickr.com/photos/artoluja
Her installment Metamorfaces was so amazing that Art Blue invited Art Oluja as special guest for his first Art Talk in the Surreal Art Gallery. You find more at http://ao.surrealtower.com

Here comes a teaser for Art Oluja´s Surreal Tower:


Gem Preiz
A french speaking artist with amazing work of abstract fractals and insane detail for the eye. Gem Preiz was featured in rezmagazine. Read more about him at http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1072976

Here comes a Metaharpers CAM flight into Gem´s Surreal Tower:


Lorin Tone

A professional at sound effects for builders and audio post-production for Machinima.

Visit his shop or his youtube for more.

Maya Paris
“Interactive art… Funky fembots, scissor-wielding superheroines, inner trollops and common weeds. (Teleports in my picks)” she wrote in her profile.

More found on:
Very nice work when it comes to Pop-art

Uan Ceriaptrix
His art resolves around nature in a normal or even surreal matter. He contributed to Dreamt Forest at the Santorini Biennial 2014 an avatar called “The Gardener“. He made “The Nest” at the Surreal Tower for Juliette (Surrealdreaming Resident).

Frankx Lefavre
His art dark and mysterious. Some of it reminds me of an RPG. Dark and rustic or dark and futuristic. Two themes that are very different from eachother.

“Glass and Light Breakwave” can be found on LEA6 and other work and various Youtube videos

Tansee Resident
I, Art Blue, visited her upcoming installment at LEA29 yesterday accidentally on a wrong TP and she showed me around. I invited her to the SURREAL TOWER on the spot and Tansee said “Yes!”. A happy day and a new friend. Let her things come to the tower.

Bryn Oh

In 2014 Art Blue invited Chance Acoustic after confirmation by Bryn Oh to conserve some works of Bryn Oh´s early works and created the Ferrisquito room which became an extension of the VULCANICUS project. Bryn Oh granted again to set up an installment in the Surreal Tower. Chance will be supported by CyberXstrike.

Fuschia Nightfire

Fuschia is a strong supporter of my path as a curator since long. She sadly takes a break now from virtual worlds. She granted me to make a “nice tower” as I got to speak to her with all her works I have got full perm in SL and in opensim. VJKrieger will support me on doing this. I hope I dont have to add her name to the Blaylock Tower of the “gone artists”.

Mary Wickentower

Mary got her LEA grant for theatriacl performances and to make some machinima. Watch out her production “Gibbet” and a show by Spectr3 Belfire she recorded and edited. Maybe she will bring her rezable theatre to the Surreal Tower?

Gibbet was chosen for the showcase in the Month of Machinima (MoM) by LEA in 2011.

Text by CyberXstrike Resident (except about Tansee, Bryn Oh, Fuschia and Mary Wickentower) with minor changes and some additions by Art Blue

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