Enjoy the Art Talk at SIM Claressa 🙂

First I shall tell you that you are not alone if you don´t understand it 🙂

[01:50] Mikati Slade: .) Hi Art, I have a thing to tell you about your art-talk event. I think most the audiences dont understand what you are talking. As you know, I am not perfect at English, so sometimes I ask some of the audiences who I know about what you are talking and all of them told me they dont know. The cause is you are Role-Playing something futurist without explain.

Here is comes what you may not understand at all if you are not a reader of rez Magazine …


After a lot of welcoming by  ⒹⒺⓈⓎ (Desy Magic) – νє ηυѕ (Venus Adored) – ღ Gretel2cute Regalo ღ (Gretel2cute Resident) – Instincta van Helsinki (Instincta Resident) – Wizardoz Chrome – fan38 Ghost – Tansee – cyberXstrike Resident – Elli Dover (elli2010 Dover) – ]  Gem Preiz – Moewe Winkler – Mikati Slade – Ðσгση  Regalo (doron986 Resident) – VJ Krieger (VJKrieger Resident) – Sergej Eisenstein (SergejEisenstein Resident) – Art Blue – J. (NavahDreams Resident) – Neruval – … the play starts

[2016/05/19 13:05]  J. (NavahDreams Resident): Juliette: (( Juliette is stuck in traffic and I am the backup presenter today ))

[2016/05/19 13:06]  J. (NavahDreams Resident): Juliette: Welcome Tansee as the special guest at the Surreal Art Gallery in the Obscur Hall. Thank you all for coming. We start with a gift for Tansee: A Rainbow for Tansee – a short particle performance created by Venus Adored for this special day: The Tansee Day.

[2016/05/19 13:06]  Instincta van Helsinki (Instincta Resident): pretty dress Venus

[2016/05/19 13:06]  νє ηυѕ (Venus Adored): for the show

[2016/05/19 13:06]  Art Blue: Welcome you all

[2016/05/19 13:06]  ღ Gretel2cute Regalo ღ (Gretel2cute Resident): very

[2016/05/19 13:06]  J. (NavahDreams Resident): Juliette: The performance will be recorded and put in a time capsule. The memory on the Surreal Tower of Tansee shall be carried into the future in all possible ways.

[2016/05/19 13:06]  Wizardoz Chrome: 🙂

[2016/05/19 13:06]  Tansee: Wonderful!!!

[2016/05/19 13:07]  J. (NavahDreams Resident): Juliette: Venus will start when the music tunes in. Let´s welcome Venus Adored!

[2016/05/19 13:07]  Instincta van Helsinki (Instincta Resident): YaY

[2016/05/19 13:07]  ⒹⒺⓈⓎ (Desy Magic): Wow  grandioso 🙂

[2016/05/19 13:07]  ღ Gretel2cute Regalo ღ (Gretel2cute Resident): nice

[2016/05/19 13:07]  >>> Desy Magic: Wow awesome 🙂

[2016/05/19 13:07]  νє ηυѕ (Venus Adored): i start first ?

[2016/05/19 13:07]  Art Blue: Welcome Venus!!!

[2016/05/19 13:07]  Art Blue: you go to your diamond

[2016/05/19 13:07]  νє ηυѕ (Venus Adored): thank you Art

[2016/05/19 13:07]  Art Blue: all will focus on you

[2016/05/19 13:07]  νє ηυѕ (Venus Adored): please make it midnight

[2016/05/19 13:07]  Tansee: ♥..•°•..♥..•°•..♥ APPLAUSE ♥..•°•..♥..•°•..♥

[2016/05/19 13:09]  Tansee: blows a kiss!!!!

[2016/05/19 13:10]  Second Life: Now playing: Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Instrumental

[2016/05/19 13:11]  Tansee: shouts: :-)))))

[2016/05/19 13:11]  ღ Gretel2cute Regalo ღ (Gretel2cute Resident): wow

[2016/05/19 13:12]  Ðσгση  Regalo (doron986 Resident): woow

[2016/05/19 13:12]  Instincta van Helsinki (Instincta Resident): ooooooh beautiful

[2016/05/19 13:13]  Second Life: Now playing: bob marley samewhere over the rainbow!!! – Instrumental

[2016/05/19 13:13]  Ðσгση  Regalo (doron986 Resident): Applause!!

[2016/05/19 13:14]  ღ Gretel2cute Regalo ღ (Gretel2cute Resident): Bravo 🙂

[2016/05/19 13:14]  Tansee: this is one of my favorite songs in the world!

[2016/05/19 13:14]  ღ Gretel2cute Regalo ღ (Gretel2cute Resident): my fav version aside from when Doron plays it

[2016/05/19 13:15]  Ðσгση  Regalo (doron986 Resident): amazing

[2016/05/19 13:18]  Tansee: shouts: Beautiful Venus

[2016/05/19 13:18]  Second Life: Now playing: Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Uke Instrumental) – Instrumental

[2016/05/19 13:18]  ღ Gretel2cute Regalo ღ (Gretel2cute Resident): agrees Tansee it is beautiful

[2016/05/19 13:21]  Second Life: Now playing: Orbital – Halcyon On and On

[2016/05/19 13:22]  Art Blue: shouts: perfect Venus come to us!

[2016/05/19 13:22]  Ðσгση  Regalo (doron986 Resident):                        *•.¸’*•.¸ ♥ ¸.•*´¸.•*

[2016/05/19 13:22]  Ðσгση  Regalo (doron986 Resident):                   .•*♥¨`•  BRAVO!!!!  •¨`♥*•.

[2016/05/19 13:22]  Ðσгση  Regalo (doron986 Resident):                     ¸.•*`¸.•*´  ♥  `*•.¸`*•.¸

[2016/05/19 13:22]  Tansee: standing ovation!!!!

[2016/05/19 13:22]  J. (NavahDreams Resident): Thank you Venus for the great show “A Rainbow for Tansee”. Venus deserves a big applause, doesnt she? And a big thank you for supporting the Surreal Tower project. Now I welcome Art Blue to another round of the Art Talk.

[2016/05/19 13:22]  νє ηυѕ (Venus Adored): haha..thank you

[2016/05/19 13:22]  ღ Gretel2cute Regalo ღ (Gretel2cute Resident):   «´·.¸¸.•WOUHOUUUuUuUuuu!•.¸¸.·`»

[2016/05/19 13:22]  ღ Gretel2cute Regalo ღ (Gretel2cute Resident): ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********

[2016/05/19 13:23]  Ðσгση  Regalo (doron986 Resident): Applause!!

[2016/05/19 13:23]  Elli Dover (elli2010 Dover):  +*✰*+*’*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*’+*✰*+

[2016/05/19 13:23]  Elli Dover (elli2010 Dover):          ♥+*`*♥. WONDERFUL♥*`*+♥

[2016/05/19 13:23]  Elli Dover (elli2010 Dover):   +*✰*+.¸.•*(¸.•*´♥`*•.¸)`*•.¸.+*✰*+

[2016/05/19 13:23]  Art Blue: Applause!

[2016/05/19 13:23]  J. (NavahDreams Resident): Art, much will be written about Tansee in the future. A glimpse we know already from a time traveler named TSNKO who sent us a note where Tansee is mentioned in the year 2057 in rezmagazine published March 2016.

[2016/05/19 13:23]  νє ηυѕ (Venus Adored): i will sit down and listen to the art talk now

[2016/05/19 13:25]  J. (NavahDreams Resident): I have heard you created TSKNO. Would you be so kind and take over?

[2016/05/19 13:25]  Neruval: shouts: TSNKO is my creation! Only I have the power to travel in time!

[2016/05/19 13:25]  Tansee: /me smiles at the wise owl

[2016/05/19 13:26]  Art Blue: keep your mouth shut owl. You know I can deactivate your code. Behave, your time will come!

[2016/05/19 13:26]  Neruval: Just for a moment as I know you will need me very soon …

[2016/05/19 13:26]  Art Blue: Let´s see if I need you today *looks to Juliette and Tansee * Thank you Juliette and welcome dear Tansee to the Art Talk. You are as Juliette mentioned one of the TSNKO – The Still Not Known Ones – who will become known in the future. How does it feel Tansee to have a never ending future?

[2016/05/19 13:27]  Tansee: Thank you so much Julliette, Art and Venus. I feel a type of tingling or maybe it is just the remains of some stardust in my brain from my time traveling as a TSNKO.  Either way,,,, What a gift I have been given of virtual immortality.  The Journey I am taking is full of never ending Excitement an Learning.

[2016/05/19 13:27]  Art Blue: You know I care of the present days as much. I saw you some weeks ago changing from a lady of our time to a goddess of old Greek. Luckily my camera was ready and I made the invitation card showing both sides.

[2016/05/19 13:28]  Art Blue: What you had in mind in this moment of a change? Athena, Hera, Artemis, Demeter, Aphrodite, Rhea, Leto, Nemesis, Hebe, Hestia?

[2016/05/19 13:28]  Tansee: /me laughing

[2016/05/19 13:28]  Art Blue: ((http://www.ancienthistorylists.com/greek-history/top-10-ancient-greek-goddesses/ ))

[2016/05/19 13:29]  Tansee: YOU ARE A KEEN OBSERVER ART! I am a natural  born changling.  A must if you are TSKNO  The Goddess Athena is one of my favorites and always guides me with wisdom and good counsel into the future and Aphroditie The Goddess of love, beauty & desire also influences me…. besides,,,, what girl would not want to wear all this gold.

[2016/05/19 13:30]  Tansee: something is not working,,,,

[2016/05/19 13:30]  Art Blue: /me looks to Neruval, “you?”

[2016/05/19 13:30]  Neruval: I blocked her from a change. Tansee is not allowed to shapeshift, to change or to move to the future. I keep her under RLV.

[2016/05/19 13:31]  Art Blue: /me growls as RLV is forbidden to force on anyone but an AI does not care, “what if I give you some sesame seeds I got from Jami so you behave?”

[2016/05/19 13:31]  Tansee: Whaaaat???

[2016/05/19 13:31]  Neruval: From Jami, the editor of rez?

[2016/05/19 13:31]  Second Life: Now playing: Mammals – Depraved (Animalia)

[2016/05/19 13:31]  νє ηυѕ (Venus Adored): lol

[2016/05/19 13:31]  Ðσгση  Regalo (doron986 Resident): sorry

[2016/05/19 13:31]  Art Blue: Yes, seeds from whom else? *gives him some*

[2016/05/19 13:31]  Tansee: Nervual,,, shush

[2016/05/19 13:31]  Neruval: Go on Tansee. I took off the Restraint Life View for this Art Talk as the nuts are really the good ones from Santorini. From the Bienniale where you will be present.

[2016/05/19 13:32]  Tansee: close your eyes everyone,,,, you know how mesh behaves in SL

[2016/05/19 13:32]  Art Blue: I colde mine NOT

[2016/05/19 13:33]  Art Blue: Wow, The White Athena! What a personality you are that you are granted this look!

But, how does this style fit in your life right now?

[2016/05/19 13:33]  Art Blue: I see you show a mountain bike in your 1st life picture profile? I can image if you bike to the forest where you cook a meal for the students that they think reality got a glitch and your Surreal side took over.

[2016/05/19 13:33]  Tansee: 🙂

[2016/05/19 13:33]  Tansee: Once again Art you are a keen observer

[2016/05/19 13:34]  Tansee: Selling my restaurant in RL has allowed me  the freedom to ride my  bike you see in my RL profile often. While riding and feeling the breeze on my face, my imagination takes me to as many surreal places as there are sims in SL.

[2016/05/19 13:34]  Art Blue: Such a drive to Surreality needs a song. A song that found its place also in the recent story of rez Magazine about “The Lady in Black”. Would you be so kind and transform yourself to a Lady of this kind?

[2016/05/19 13:35]  Tansee: are you positive about that

[2016/05/19 13:35]  Tansee: ?

[2016/05/19 13:35]  Tansee: she is a force to be reckoned with

[2016/05/19 13:35]  Second Life: Now playing: INFORMATIK – WORLD OF WONDER

[2016/05/19 13:36]  Tansee: stand back everyone

[2016/05/19 13:37]  Tansee: cracks the egg

[2016/05/19 13:38]  Tansee: Hello Everyone!

[2016/05/19 13:38]  Mikati Slade: hello”!

[2016/05/19 13:38]  νє ηυѕ (Venus Adored): oh welcome back tansee

[2016/05/19 13:39]  Art Blue: WOW – one of your 10 Dimensions?

[2016/05/19 13:39]  Tansee: With the spirit of Goddess Athena whispering in my ear, I have caught a glimps of myself in the year 2057. Athena still guides me with wisdom and good counsel and This Lady In Black is a virtual warrior of Justice and One of the Leaders of the Future Virtual Dimensional Seers.

[2016/05/19 13:39]  Art Blue: Please tell us more of the 10 Dimensions you show at LEA29.

[2016/05/19 13:39]  Tansee: “The Ascension To The 10th Dimension” was inspired by my interest in the scientific and spiritual possibilities that there is more than what meets our eyes in RL  There are 10 Quantum Leaps into different levels of thinking and ideas.  Each visitor is able to jump into their own imagination while surrounded by many surreal creations.

[2016/05/19 13:40]  Art Blue: The grant ends at June 30, 2016 and the installment will go to the ashes?

[2016/05/19 13:40]  Tansee: sadly yes — but I have put many  elements and thoughts in the Surreal Tower you conserve. so they will live on until the seers uncover the Towers.in the year 2057.

[2016/05/19 13:41]  Art Blue: That’s why you got the invite Tansee, you are doomed to face an endless life.

[2016/05/19 13:41]  Tansee: Oh what a Glorious Eternal Gift you give me Mr. Art Blue!

[2016/05/19 13:41]  Ðσгση  Regalo (doron986 Resident): yes

[2016/05/19 13:41]  Art Blue: What an end of a new beginning! Let´s go to your tower at Penning and enjoy what is meant to stay in the opensimulator world – and being presented at Santorini Bienniale 2016 (August to October 2016).

[2016/05/19 13:41]  Second Life: Now playing: Informatik – Autonomous [constant surveillance revision](2004)

[2016/05/19 13:41]  Tansee: wonderful,,,, lets all do a quantum leap over

[2016/05/19 13:42]  Art Blue: — Here is the flight recorded in YouTube so you can later compare with your own experience https://youtu.be/L-FpsG7CpJw

[2016/05/19 13:42]  Art Blue: thank you J Backup for stepping in!

[2016/05/19 13:42]  Tansee: yes ty Backup!

[2016/05/19 13:42]  Art Blue: thank you Nervual!

[2016/05/19 13:43]  Tansee: TY you sweet sometimes naughty Bird 🙂

[2016/05/19 13:43]  Art Blue: thank you all for coming

[2016/05/19 13:43]  Art Blue: to be a living witness of Tansee´s tavels in time

[2016/05/19 13:43]  νє ηυѕ (Venus Adored): 🙂

[2016/05/19 13:43]  Art Blue: you can listen to the music now loud one of my all time favorites

[2016/05/19 13:44]  Tansee: That owl is almost as wild as you Art :-)))

[2016/05/19 13:44]  ⒹⒺⓈⓎ (Desy Magic): applause! Complimenti!! 🙂

[2016/05/19 13:44]  >>> Desy Magic: applause! Compliments!! 🙂

[2016/05/19 13:44]  Art Blue: the owl is the BEST

[2016/05/19 13:44]  Elli Dover (elli2010 Dover):  +*✰*+*’*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*’+*✰*+

[2016/05/19 13:44]  Elli Dover (elli2010 Dover):          ♥+*`*♥. WONDERFUL♥*`*+♥

[2016/05/19 13:44]  Elli Dover (elli2010 Dover):   +*✰*+.¸.•*(¸.•*´♥`*•.¸)`*•.¸.+*✰*+

[2016/05/19 13:45]  Neruval: Looks up with a mouthful of seeds

[2016/05/19 13:45]  Art Blue: we go to Penning  now

[2016/05/19 13:45]  νє ηυѕ (Venus Adored): thank you for the art talk tansee and Art

[2016/05/19 13:45]  Art Blue: just jump on me

[2016/05/19 13:45]  Second Life: Teleport completed from http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Claressa/30/131/235

[2016/05/19 13:45]  Second Life: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.

Current simulator: Second Life Server

Previous simulator: Second Life RC LeTigre

[2016/05/19 13:45]  Second Life: Now playing: Informatik – Autonomous [constant surveillance revision](2004)




Take a seat after the Art Talk and feel the fractals in ways of “PRESENCE”

“Sozyo made 4-D equipment. The image had height, width, depth and a fourth D that eluded precise definition. It was called Presence. Somehow, you felt that the subject was there in the room with you. You could seemingly walk up to it, savor its fragrance, finger its texture, rub a few eons’ grime off its contours.”
– James Morrow, 1981
You would not believe your eyes
If ten million fireflies
Lit up the world as I fell asleep
‘Cause they’d fill the open air
And leave tear drops everywhere ..



“Experience the best show of Venus Adored ever: GOODBYE SHINING BLACKSTAR with the sound by ECHO STARSHIP – a momentum of 6:45 minutes to connect us to the talk ahead”

Art Blue



Dont wonder of messages from the ghosted Art Blue. The owl knows the secrets.

[16:18] Ultraviolet (Ultraviolet Alter): i dont know why but your name has changed in my viewer to….
[16:19] 5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): I am ghosted now, for this week

[01:01] Nicole X (NicoleX Moonwall): why the long number in front of your name ???
[01:03] 5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): will be part of the play tonight
[01:04] Nicole X (NicoleX Moonwall): odd

[03:58] Arrehn Oberlander: Heya Art Blue, I noticed your display name is a long sting that looks like hex now
[03:58] Arrehn Oberlander: I tried to decode it but didn’t come up with anyhting. Is it the output of a hash function?
[03:58] 5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): it is a avatar UUID
[03:59] Arrehn Oberlander: Aha! That explains it

[11:05] Wizardoz Chrome: Hi Art yes I come .. bad connection now with this computer, but the other works well ..( whit this I do not see your name in the IM .but only number is normal? )
[11:07] Wizardoz Chrome: okkk is normal i see you …. you are a Ghost lol ..:)


Yesterday the LEA core grant ended and I will post here very soon … for now please change to http://lea.surrealtower.com 

The Surreal Towers move now to opensim. Tansee made my day by posting on 2016-04-11:

[06:26] Art Blue: please log TT Backup in for a test
[06:26] Art Blue: so you see the avi works
[06:27] Tansee Resident: bring TT to SL here?
[06:28] Tansee Resident: you say that so casually ,,,, Like I know how to do that ,,, 🙂 I am the problem child of the Towers :-)))

Art Blue, March 10th, 1.00 PM SLT

Art Talk with Art Blue in Obscur Hall. At the closing of the talk at 2.00 PM particle maker Venus Adored will perform on top of the Obsur Hall for the first time The Battle for Blue bringing it from Opensim to SL.

Art Blue will show ways to bring Virtual Art to Real Worlds by the SURREAL TOWER project – an Art Talk no artist shall miss.

Watch also the machinima by VJ Krieger about the first Art Talk with Art Oluja (artistik.oluja) at https://youtu.be/r-nJvILbq00 or by WizardOz Chrome showing the performance “Gold” by Venus Adored at:


On February, 18th at 1.00 PM Los Angeles Time Paris Obsur will perform life in the Obscur Hall at the Surreal Art Gallery.

Juliette about the event: “Paris Obscur not only shares his incredible style of original compositions while seducing us with his voice, but for his Obscur Hall performances gives us a private storytelling of one of his pen & ink illustrations on exhibit in the Paris Gallery located directly down the stairs. His performance mastery is dramatic and will capture you.