This page is about the project ART TALK.

Before you start to read you might prefer to relax for 10 minutes and watch and listen to The Song of Songs …

Paintings by Egon Tschirch
Exhibition by Juliette Surrealdreaming
Art Talk by Art Blue
Performance by Venus Adored
Singer: Ofra Haza


The first Art Talk by Art Blue happend in the Obscur Hall on January 14th, 2016, 1.00 PM SLT. It was about Transformative Art. Special guest was Art Oluja (Artistik Oluja). Art Oluja had a LEA grant running from July 1st to December 31, 2015. See her SURREAL TOWER in a short teaser at Youtube


Become a patron of the Arts by joining the Surreal patrons art group and support the art talks by stepping by. There will be an opening and closing performance themed on “GOLD” by particle artist Venus Adored.


We give you an idea how an Art Talk looks like, just by an example. The Art Talk about Fractal Art with Gem Preis on April 7th, 2016:

Attendants at the Talk Fractal Art with Gem Preiz

AlexandreLois1, Art Blue, Cyberphoria, Echo Starhip, Gem Preiz, Glasz (Glasz DeCuir), Jo Williams, Juliette (SurrealDreaming Resident), Mikati Slade, Moewe Winkler, Neruval, Thor Rainfall, SaveMe Oh, Tansee, νє ηυѕ (Venus Adored), Wizardoz Chrome and NavahDreams (stepping in for Juilette, she was ill).

[2016/04/07 12:29]  Second Life: NavahDreams (NavahDreams) is now known as Juliette Surrealdreaming Host. -> for better reading now just “Juliette.”

We took out some of the greetings and placed them at the end of the log – to get the story more easy to read.

[2016/04/07 13:00]  Juliette: I am sorry the “real” Juliette has no internet and therefore I am stepping in and post what was met to prompt by her. Enjoy the play. Please share this information for late arrivals of your friends so I dont have to repeat. We are a small group today as the invitations could not be sent as usual. Thank you for understanding.

Juliette: Welcome you all to the – and I quote Troy Tempest from Universal Gazette – “to the most stunning Art Talk ever in History”. It will be about the repetition of LIFE – OF FRACTALS – FRACTALS IN US?

Juliette: I welcome Gem Preiz in the reconstructed Surreal Art Gallery and Obsur Hall. He is unique. His avatar key has become a legend: 5f9bf40c-ec18-461e-b56c-4424f3a5f002

Juliette: Time travelers still head to his Surreal Tower made 115 years ago by using his avatar UUID –

Juliette: — thanks to the Oracle VM machine ((-> ))

[2016/04/07 13:01]  Neruval: Juliette? I have not changed time until now! We are still in the year 2016. To be exact April 7th, 20.01 UTC.

[2016/04/07 13:02]  Juliette: oh, gosh, darn! Thank you owl for telling. So I have to say that time travelers in the future will still head to Gem´s Surreal Tower in 115 years.

[2016/04/07 13:02]  Neruval: Correct! Exactly 334 years after Universal Gazette was founded in Philadelphia. Let me change the headline on the actual issue to “Juliette booted in her Surreal talk”

[2016/04/07 13:02]  Juliette winks, “if you wish, but it sounds odd. You are in charge for the correct timing. Is there Venus Adored around?”

[2016/04/07 13:02]  Neruval cracks a nut and eats it “I have eaten better as Jami Mills was still here and with her never a glitch happened …  – I see Venus, she seems to be ready.”

[2016/04/07 13:03]  Juliette: sighs, “I give up. We need for this Art Talk a connection to Art Blue. Neruval you told me he is now in a blackstar and Venus will show us where.”

[2016/04/07 13:03]  Neruval: I will give Echo Starship a shout so he blends in his sound Goodbye Shining Blackstar. I will use the energy from the Blackstar for a temporary transition of Art Blue.

[2016/04/07 13:03]  Juliette Surrealdreaming Host (NavahDreams Resident): This would be great. Let´s enjoy the show of Venus. It takes 7 minutes.

Video …. Will follow here

[2016/04/07 13:20]  Juliette: Thank you Venus for the great show …..

[2016/04/07 13:20]  Gem Preiz: thank you ㋡

[2016/04/07 13:20]  Wizardoz Chrome: Grazie venus 🙂

Wizardoz Chrome (Q-Translator b:it->en): Thanks venus:)

[2016/04/07 13:20]  Juliette: I see Art Blue is just a ghost in a coffin! What have you done owl!

[2016/04/07 13:20]  Neruval: Sorry Art Blue did not want to join the Art Talk by showing his body. He says he stays in transition and he has better things to do. He is now visiting Nefertiti. The truth on her will change history he says.

[2016/04/07 13:20]  νє ηυѕ (Venus Adored): your all wellcome…i did not hear the music in the beginning

[2016/04/07 13:21]  Jo Williams: pretty sky here

[2016/04/07 13:21]  Mikati Slade: is it something scifi roleplaying?

[2016/04/07 13:21]  Juliette: Darn, I knew it why he left after LEA8 closed. It was not for the Surreal Towers to go with, not for the Art! Is he at least willing to do the interview with Gem Preiz?

[2016/04/07 13:22]  Neruval: He is! I have set up his future AUUID. He speaks now … — connecting, I turn silent.

[2016/04/07 13:22]  5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): Hello and greetings to you all. Hello Juliette. Hello my friend Gem. It shall be all about fractals today.

[2016/04/07 13:22]  Gem Preiz: Hello Juliette and Art. Hello Everyone

[2016/04/07 13:22]  Gem Preiz: thank you for inviting me

[2016/04/07 13:22]  5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): I ask you blunt. Are you fractal?

[2016/04/07 13:22]  AlexandreLois1: I art blue revive with the help of magic

[2016/04/07 13:23]  Gem Preiz: unfortunately not

[2016/04/07 13:23]  Mandel Solano: yes we should go and see them at LEA26

[2016/04/07 13:23]  Gem Preiz: I would love that Gem would be a repeated pattern of what I am in RL.

Gem Preiz: But he is significantly optimized compared with me

Gem Preiz: However we could imagine Gem to have an avatar in a TL (third life) metaverse inside SL.

Gem Preiz: It would be something like repeated images in a couple of facing mirrors.

Gem Preiz: That would become interestingly fractal.

[2016/04/07 13:24]  5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): And before you have been what? I heard you worked as an engineer and you live now in Paris in sight of the Louvre where your Surreal Tower will be shown in the future.

[2016/04/07 13:24]  Gem Preiz: Yes I am educated in science and french,

Gem Preiz: happily living in Paris indeed

Gem Preiz: The fact is that France played a nice role about fractals,

Gem Preiz: thanks to the works of Benoit Mandelbroot

Gem Preiz: one of the fathers of the fractal theory and calculation

Gem Preiz: and also thanks to some artists of the 90’s

Gem Preiz: who developed the concept of fractalism in their installations or scultpures

Gem Preiz: and thank you for the scoop about the Louvre, laughs

[2016/04/07 13:27]  5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): I was teasing you, only the owl knows the future. But I know your tower is planned to be shown at the Santorini Bienniale in August 2016 in the IMMERSIVIA category. Will you show other pieces as well?

[2016/04/07 13:27]  Gem Preiz: yes

Gem Preiz: I plan to show “Metropolis”

Gem Preiz: the exhibition on the theme of overcrowded cities that I showed in SL last year

Gem Preiz: and also “Wrecks” which is currently displayed on LEA 26

Gem Preiz: mixed of texts and fractal frames mutually illustrating each others

[2016/04/07 13:28]  Jo Williams: < – loves fractals

[2016/04/07 13:28]  5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): Many think that fractals and endless. Do you agree? Is it like Pi 3.14159 … never ending and always a surprise?

[2016/04/07 13:28]  Gem Preiz: in theory yes, and it could be given as a definition of fractals

[2016/04/07 13:28]  Jo Williams: mmmm

[2016/04/07 13:28]  Gem Preiz: from a pure math point of view :

Gem Preiz: patterns self repeating at ANY scale

[2016/04/07 13:29]  Jo Williams: the slightest tweak and everything changes

[2016/04/07 13:29]  AlexandreLois1: я имею здесь дворец фракталов

AlexandreLois1: I have here fractals Palace

[2016/04/07 13:29]  Gem Preiz: however the real word is governed by physical rules and limitations

Gem Preiz: the material cannot be split endlessly as far as we know

[2016/04/07 13:29]  Jo Williams: awesome

[2016/04/07 13:29]  Gem Preiz: at a point we reach particle size

[2016/04/07 13:29]  5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): How is this so?

[2016/04/07 13:30]  Gem Preiz: Remember the Zenon d’Elée paradox :

Gem Preiz: to reach its target, an arrow must first fly half of the distance,

Gem Preiz: then fly half of the remaining distance etc ….

Gem Preiz: which means a limited distance can be made of an infinite number of segments,

Gem Preiz: provided you choose well the size of the segments

Gem Preiz: Same for a fractal object

[2016/04/07 13:30]  Jo Williams: jumping, inspiring stuff 🙂

[2016/04/07 13:31]  Gem Preiz: It can host an infinite repetition of the same pattern conceptually,

Gem Preiz: even if the human eye is not able to notice it at all scales

[2016/04/07 13:31]  5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): So life in fractals will be never boring?

[2016/04/07 13:31]  Gem Preiz: I didn’t get bored yet. and I hope fractal lovers will not

Gem Preiz: Coming back to infinity, it’s interesting to see that a limited

Gem Preiz: even a very low number of repititions in a pattern

Gem Preiz: is enough to seduce human eye

Gem Preiz: as it enables it to identify, recognize

Gem Preiz: understand the overall picture of what it sees with a reduced amount of information

Gem Preiz: That was basically the mission statement of fractalist group in the 90’s

Gem Preiz: to find keys enabling to simplify the complexity of Reality

Gem Preiz: in order to make it understandable by human brain

Gem Preiz: Vice versa, when you look at a fractal frame

Gem Preiz: you can nicely face its complexity because the repeating pattern

Gem Preiz: gives you the key to “read it”

Gem Preiz: Of course, it doesn’t prevent you from time to time to feel lost or overwhelmed

[2016/04/07 13:34]  5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): yes ovewrhelmed …

[2016/04/07 13:34]  Mandel Solano: and bored too

5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): Can you tell us, the audience how you usually start a fractal work? What software you use …

[2016/04/07 13:34]  Gem Preiz: I use Mandelbulb 3D, a generator of 3D fractal objects

Gem Preiz: which enables to visualize the object

Gem Preiz: from any angle and with any zooming

Gem Preiz: It provides also a nice set of coloring options

Gem Preiz: And you start from scratch, it is not modifying an existing picture with fractalizing process

Gem Preiz: So you can never predict what you will get when you create the combination of functions and set up their parameters

Gem Preiz: You react on what you get as a photographer would do

Gem Preiz: throwing away many “attempts” and keeping some interesting ones

Gem Preiz: on which you work the framing, the view angle, the colour filters

Gem Preiz: in order to give to the scene an atmosphere evoking what your eye and imagination have seen

[2016/04/07 13:37]  5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): Before I prompt my next question as it is a little tricky I want to give the audience room for some questions. Juliette will you take over?

[2016/04/07 13:37]  Juliette: sure ….

Juliette: Do you guys have any questions?

[2016/04/07 13:38]  5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): ((Juliette is today simulated  by a helper, she has no internet …))

[2016/04/07 13:38]  Juliette: Feel free to ask Gem

[2016/04/07 13:38]  AlexandreLois1: Вы можете оценить мой фрактал ?

AlexandreLois1: You can appreciate my fractal?

[2016/04/07 13:39]  5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): ((and tip our performers Venus and Echo. I will double the tips you made in total after the talk))

[2016/04/07 13:39]  Gem Preiz: if you create fractals alexandre, I would be happy to see them

[2016/04/07 13:40]  AlexandreLois1:

[2016/04/07 13:40]  Gem Preiz: I’ll watch it after the event

[2016/04/07 13:40]  AlexandreLois1: ok

[2016/04/07 13:42]  Juliette: I see Art the final turn is on you. You do have a final question?

[2016/04/07 13:42]  5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): yes, yes, was in a daydream, you know I am now with Nefertiti and I play Ceasar. One moment …

[2016/04/07 13:42]  Cyberphoria Resident: is online.

[2016/04/07 13:43]  Cyberphoria: Veni Vidi Vici! Here you hide Art! You faked your AUUID! But the Medallion of Fire found you!

[2016/04/07 13:43]  5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): Help me owl, a Counterstrike professional found me! Neruval Help!

[2016/04/07 13:44]  Neruval: Done! I made an emergency upload.

[2016/04/07 13:44]  νє ηυѕ (Venus Adored): lol

[2016/04/07 13:44]  Juliette: Oh, you, no! Art left us. Nervual? Did you safe him like it is written in the short story “The Swimmer”?

[2016/04/07 13:45]  Cyberphoria shouts: like in the Swimmer where I was killed! I kill you faster!

[2016/04/07 13:45]  Neruval: De-louser

[2016/04/07 13:45]  Juliette: Cyberphoria is gone?

[2016/04/07 13:45]  Neruval: I was faster. I know the future. Now I take Art Blue´s faked AUUID off. It gave him sufficient time for being at the art talk.

[2016/04/07 13:45]  Art Blue: I have to hurry and hide myself in a water moon. At DreamHack in Austin, Texas the bets are moving up that another counterstriker may track me down.

[2016/04/07 13:45]  Cyberphoria Resident: is offline.

[2016/04/07 13:46]  Juliette: This was the Art Talk. The end a little harsh, but no Art Blue no Art Talk. Or …?

Juliette: Gem? Would you step in and guide us to your tower at Penning? There is a Metaharper CAM flight ready, made by RL students of Art Blue which takes about 5 minutes and then we enter the tower and have a visit.

[2016/04/07 13:46]  Gem Preiz: sure

[2016/04/07 13:46]  Juliette: Thank you all for coming and thank you Venus once more and Echo Starship for playing live at Surreal Art Gallery.

[2016/04/07 13:46]  Juliette: ((End of the Monthly Art Talk))


Casual chat after the Art Talk:

[2016/04/07 13:47]  Gem Preiz: thank you everyone

[2016/04/07 13:47]  νє ηυѕ (Venus Adored): 🙂

[2016/04/07 13:47]  Mandel Solano: thanks Gem:)

[2016/04/07 13:47]  Juliette: I log out as I was a helper. Art Blue will now take over

[2016/04/07 13:47]  Gem Preiz: those who would like to visit the tower, let’s meet in Penning down the tower

[2016/04/07 13:47]  Juliette Surrealdreaming Host (NavahDreams Resident): together with gem

[2016/04/07 13:47]  Art Blue: ((I will be with you as the real Juliette could not come))

[2016/04/07 13:47]  Wizardoz Chrome: Grazie a te Gem >(  e bravissimo >(

[2016/04/07 13:47]  Wizardoz Chrome (Q-Translator b:it->en): Thank you Gem > (and bravissimo > (

[2016/04/07 13:47]  Gem Preiz: Grazie Wiz

[2016/04/07 13:48]  Art Blue: thank you all for coming and the show of Venus is a must to be repeated

Art Blue: thank you Gem, we head to Penning, you see the next sim

Art Blue: there we do first the metaharper flight

[2016/04/07 13:48]  Wizardoz Chrome: 🙂

[2016/04/07 13:48]  Art Blue: thank you Echo


The Greetings and some chat within the play:

[2016/04/07 13:01]  Wizardoz Chrome: Hi Gem 🙂

[2016/04/07 13:01]  Mikati Slade: hello Gem

[2016/04/07 13:01]  Glasz (Glasz DeCuir): Hello Mikati

[2016/04/07 13:01]  Gem Preiz: Hi everyone

[2016/04/07 13:02]  Mikati Slade: hello Wizardz :))

[2016/04/07 13:05]  Wizardoz Chrome: hi Save

Also I took the annoying chat out as SaveMe Oh arrived:

[2016/04/07 13:07]  Mandel Solano: behave Save:(

[2016/04/07 13:08]  SaveMe Oh: Behave in a surrealistic environment is fart in a perfume parlour

[2016/04/07 13:16]  Jo Williams: aloha 🙂

[2016/04/07 13:16]  Jo Williams: waiting for the rez

[2016/04/07 13:17]  Jo Williams: hi Jo:) do you see the chairs

[2016/04/07 13:17]  Tansee Resident: is online.

[2016/04/07 13:17]  SaveMe Oh: dont sit on them Jo

[2016/04/07 13:18]  SaveMe Oh: Chairs are for the others

[2016/04/07 13:18]  Jo Williams: i was not going to

[2016/04/07 13:18]  SaveMe Oh: for the idiots

[2016/04/07 13:18]  Mandel Solano: 🙂

[2016/04/07 13:18]  SaveMe Oh: for the followers

[2016/04/07 13:18]  SaveMe Oh: for the adapted ones

[2016/04/07 13:18]  Jo Williams: >.<

[2016/04/07 13:18]  SaveMe Oh: for the zombies

[2016/04/07 13:18]  Jo Williams: bless . .

[2016/04/07 13:19]  Mikati Slade: the event already started?

[2016/04/07 13:19]  SaveMe Oh: Mikati, are you becoming blonde lately?

[2016/04/07 13:19]  Mikati Slade: hi Save

[2016/04/07 13:19]  Mikati Slade: only today

[2016/04/07 13:25]  Jo Williams: ohh opps

[2016/04/07 13:25]  νє ηυѕ (Venus Adored): save me

[2016/04/07 13:26]  5e3b3e357657440a84bff9da90ee24e (Art Blue): ((she is banned just block her and her objects are eaten – SaveMe Oh did not react on IMs to stop her interfering particles))

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